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Thursday, 25 September 2014

“When Herod, the ruler of Galilee, heard about all the things that were happening he was perplexed, because...” (Lk 9:7)

“When Herod, the ruler of Galilee, heard about all the things that were happening he was perplexed, because some people were saying that John the Baptist had come back to life.” (Lk 9:7)

Today’s Passage: Lk 9:7-9
Meditation: What did make Herod become so perplexed at the news? Is that the news about the healings and the preaching of Jesus? Certainly not! But, the sayings that ‘John the Baptist has been raised to life’ made him got confused and perplexed for he had John the Baptist’s head cut off. If you remember the passage of the death of John the Baptist in Mathew, there you will find Herod becoming sad on John’s beheading. It means that he didn’t want to kill him on that day, but because of the promise he had made in front of all his guests he gave orders that John’s head be cut off. (Mt 14:9, 10) It shows that this killing was really against his conscience and will. That was really haunting him thereafter. In the book of Genesis God warns Cain, “Why are so resentful and crestfallen? If you do well, you can hold up your head; but if not, sin is a demon lurking at the door; his urge is toward you.” (Gen 4:6, 7) Peter in his first letter admonishes the Christian community, “Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1Pt 5:8) Once you have sinned and continued the life of sin without repentance, then you are under the control of Satan who make you always slave to fear, doubts and evil thoughts. This will naturally lead you to do the works of darkness and evil. Paul rightly says, “The wages of sin is death.” (Rom 6:23) But that is not the end of the story for “if we acknowledge our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrongdoing.” (1Jn 1:9) Even the Old Testament witness to this truth as God says about Solomon, “He has not followed my ways or done what is pleasing to me according to my statutes and my decrees, as his father David.” (1 Kg 11:33) It doesn’t mean that David never committed sin rather he repented on his sins and returned to the Lord. The word of the Lord says, “The Lord was displeased with David had done.” (2 Sam 11:27) But David repented on his sin and confessed, “I have sinned against the Lord,” (2Sam 12:13) and “The Lord loved him and sent the prophet Nathan to name him Jedidiah, on behalf of the Lord.” (2 Sam 12:25) In order not to be haunted by the sins, repent, confess, and return to the Lord. 
 Prayer:    Lord God, we thank you and praise you for your daily eternal bread. O Merciful father, I trust in you and in your everlasting forgiving love. Many a time, because of my sins I went astray from you but did not repent and return to you. Now I realize that those moments were of fear and unhappiness. Like prodigal son we also want to come back to you, please send your Holy Spirit upon us that we may be conscious of our sins and return to you. Amen! 

Greetings:  Take courage! God is with you! Have a nice and blissful Thursday…   

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