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Monday, 1 September 2014

“They rose up, dragged Jesus out of the town, and took him to the top of the hill...” (Lk 4:29)

“They rose up, dragged Jesus out of the town, and took him to the top of the hill on which their town was built.” (Lk 4:29)

Today’s Passage: Lk 4:16-30
Meditation:  What is happening there? V.22 says, “They were all well impressed with him and marveled at the eloquent words that he spoke,” and in v.28 we read,” When the people in the synagogue heard this, they were filled with anger.” Is it not interesting to note that the same people responding to Jesus’ message in a different way? Background of the first response is Jesus’ reading of the scripture and his announcement about its fulfillment in him and the second is Jesus’ remarks about their attitude toward the prophets. Why did the people, who were very happy in the beginning of the message, turn to be violent at the end? When I reflected on this I got the message that we are very often reluctant to receive the word in its actual sense. We are not really meditating on it, but just hear and forget. We are quite happy with all those verses that make us feel happy and comfortable, but often reject those make us return to God and truth. For Jesus it was all the more very different. When Jesus said that the passage of scripture has come true today, as they heard it being read, he really meant it. He knew well that if he was after the kingdom of god, he would have to suffer a lot and die on the cross. It is not only a life of teachings and miracles but also a life fully surrendered to the will of the father. The letter to the Hebrews says, “The word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword; it cuts all the way through, to where soul and spirit meet, to where joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of man’s heart.” (Heb 4:12) Abraham believed in God’s promise and walked before him believing it. Faith is not mere confession of the creed; rather it is both believing and living the creed. 
 Prayer:    Lord God, we thank you and praise you for your daily eternal bread. Often we like to hear the word of the Lord and sometimes find time to read it. We go to retreats or bible conventions whenever it is possible. However, we find that our lives remain the same. We thank and praise you for today’s word. Lord, give us the courage, by sending down your Holy Spirit upon us, to take the word of the Lord as the norm of our daily life. 

Greetings:       Take courage God is with you! Have a nice and blissful Monday…   

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