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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

“Some fell in good soil, and the plants produced corn....” (Mt 13: 8)

“Some fell in good soil, and the plants produced corn; some produced a hundred grains, others sixty, and still others thirty.” (Mt 13: 8)

We know from the parable what happened to those seeds fell on the edge of the path, fell on the rocky ground, and on the thorny bush.  They couldn’t produce anything. Surly that was a waste, people may say. And what did happen to those fell on the good soil? Even the good soil produced different crops. Then, is it because of the bad quality of the seeds? People may naturally suspect. But it smells something else for me. Each soil/person is unique. Even though you give equally to each and everyone everything, you can be sure only of the similarity or quantity or quality in inputs not in the outputs. It is because, each and every person responds to the input individually and differently according to the life conditions. Therefore, what does today the word of tell us? Whenever you give whatever you have, to others please keep in your mind what Jesus said, “You received without pay, give others without being paid.” In other words it is the Lord who gives the result. It is not our merit, His merit. What we are now, is the mercy of the Lord expressed through our parents, brothers, friends, relatives, teachers etc. Let us be always grateful of them.

Take courage God is with you! Have a nice and blissful day…. 

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