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Saturday, 26 July 2014

“Do you want us to go and pull the weeds?”(Mt 13:28)

“Do you want us to go and pull the weeds?”(Mt 13:28)

See the sincerity of those workers! They really love their master and his hard work without fail. They do   believe that their master’s sorrow is their sorrow itself. I know for sure that you will have certainly memoirs of like minded these people in your olden days. They were really considered as the members of the family of the landowner. And they were also very happy to be considered like that. Of anything and everything they enjoyed a share in that house. Thank God!... On the other hand, contemporary people also may repeat the letters as in the gospel passage, but the spirit of those letters may not be the same. We don’t find nowadays a real relationship between the owner and the workers. Today people may seem to appear that they are very enthusiastic and worried about their master and others. And also they are ready to go to any extent to fight against evil, immorality, corruption, injustice etc., provided that they are properly treated. It may not be out of love for their master or his cause. The good relationship between the master and the servant, the employer and the employee, the teacher and the student has become mechanical or artificial, not genuine. Today let us pray in a special manner to God the father that we may grow in faithfulness and fidelity each day in our relationships and give genuine witness to you. Amen!
Take courage God is with you! Have a nice and blissful day….  

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