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Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Lord, My God Jn 24:29

My Lord, My God Jn 24:29
St.Thomas is a real mix of karma-jnana-bhakthi yogas. I love him very much. He is a true disciple. Dear, St.Thomas, I thank you for the courage and strength you give us through your example. In this world of sycophancy we single out your image and life. Even at a time of Emperor worship you dared to say that Jesus the crucified one is your Lord and God. How could you really discern between "the strength" of the emperor and "the weakness" of the crucified one? Anyway this should not be from "any human being, but God the father." Earlier from you only we have heard that you are ready even to die with him and for him. Dear St.Thomas helps us to become the real disciple of Jesus amidst many a worldly temptation even giving up our life for Jesus. Wish you happy feast and good day...

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