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Friday, 4 July 2014

He rose and followed him (Mt 9:9-13)

He rose and followed him (Mt 9:9-13)

A call and a response – Jesus one day calls Mathew, a tax collector and he follows Jesus at once. How could a man who is in a good position/office take such a quick decision? Tax collection brings a lot of money for one’s livelihood; we know it for sure from the life of Zacheus. Then why did he do that? Is it because that he saw the numerous miracles Jesus was doing? Is it because that he can easily get name and fame if he follows Jesus? I like to think the other way, he was thinking of following Jesus for quite a long time. But being tax collector, hated by the Jews he could not take a decision to follow Jesus publically. Now the time has come; Jesus himself calls him in front of the people. Why to wait then? he thought. In our daily life we fail to attend mass, prayers, retreats etc., for we don’t have someone to substitute our duties. “I am the only one, how can I go today?” may be our response. Mathew’s life teaches us that if you are ready to follow him and earnestly desire for it, then you will find the time. Let us ask today for the grace we need today to desire for God in our life more than anything else. Amen. Wish you a nice day. 

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