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Monday, 7 July 2014

“If only I touch his garment, I shall be healed” (Mt 9:21)

“If only I touch his garment, I shall be healed” (Mt 9:21)

Our Lord Jesus Christ was on his way to Jairus’ house. The people were crowding him from every side. Among them was a poor woman who only wanted to touch his cloak, for she believed that if she could touch his cloak she would be made well. Since people were all around him and were crowding in on him, it was very difficult for her to come to Jesus so closely and touch him. She kept on trying. While the crowd were busy with crying out ‘hosanna’s to him or showing the passer byes that they are closer to him, she was praying in her heart for a chance to touch his cloak. Finally, she could manage to touch and was made well. The most blessed one among the crowd! We are also at times like this crowd. The whole day we are with him in the church participating in the activities, prayers or sacraments and yet not blessed by him. Whereas we see, some people come and return with a lot of peace in their minds and god’s blessings. There is a call to follow him in faith and be blessed.

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