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Sunday, 10 August 2014

“They both got into the boat, and the wind died down.” (Mt 14:32)

“They both got into the boat, and the wind died down.” (Mt 14:32)

Meditation:     It is quite interesting to read once more today’s verse and note what is really going on there. While disciples of Jesus were on the boat, on their way to the side of the lake, a windstorm struck the boat and they were all extremely afraid. Jesus came out of the blue to them, but they did not really recognize him at first. Once they made him out, Peter wanted to go to Jesus and be saved. Immediately Jesus welcomed him, however, the fear of windstorm haunted him that put him again in danger. However, Jesus at once reached out and grabbed hold of him. And when they both got into the boat, the wind died down. What does it mean? What does Jesus today want to teach each one of us? A man who wanted to escape alone from the drowning boat was put into much more trouble than before and was taught a big lesson. Peter was the leader of the community and still he wanted to save only his life. It is true that it is his faith in Jesus that made him jump into the sea, but what he lost was his concern for the life of the other eleven whose lives were also in danger. Therefore, Jesus put him again in the boat together with others and saved him together with his brothers. This was a lesson for him as well as a lesson for us today. God always wants each and every one of us to be saved; not even one to be destroyed. The meaning is also otherwise expressed by Jesus himself in the parable of the good shepherd. The devil, the hired one, who is not a shepherd and does not own the sheep, when sees a wolf coming; he leaves the sheep and scatters them. Jesus is the only one, the good shepherd, who wants to save not only the one who wants to flee and escape but also the community in danger from which he wanted to escape. 
Prayer:            Lord Jesus, we thank you and praise you for your guidance and encouragement everyday you give through your eternal word to each one of us. Whenever we prove ourselves selfish and egoistic, come to our help and make us lead a life of other-centeredness. Let us really learn the meaning of the prayer you taught us. Amen! 

Greetings:       Take courage God is with you! Have a nice and blissful day…  

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