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Monday, 18 August 2014

The young man answered, “All these I have observed, what do still I lack?” (Mt 19: 20)

The young man answered, “All these I have observed, what do still I lack?” (Mt 19: 20)

Meditation:     This word of the lord reminds me something like the man who went to see the forest and came back quite disappointed for he couldn’t see the forest but only trees there. There are people who fail to see trees for forests just like the little fish who asks its mamma to show it, where the sea is. After learning and practicing all the laws given through Moses, the rich man is in search of the good things that make him enter the kingdom of heaven. We read in the gospel of Mathew that ‘even those dinners with him and listening to his teachings wouldn’t help them enter the kingdom of god’ (cf. Mt 13:26) There are also people, even after all their sacramental life and retreats, who doubt their entry into the kingdom of heaven. Something they feel in themselves lacking and hindering them enter the kingdom. What is really happening there? I hope that the religious teaching doesn’t go into the hearts of the people; they learn only the letters of the law rather than its spirit and meaning. Jesus, the real teacher, who came to fulfill the laws let teach us the spirit and meaning of the laws. I have also seen people coming to the confessionals and confessing their old sins of even childhood for which they had received absolution. What do I still lack?...You lack nothing but the real conviction that you are saved by the power of the precious blood of Jesus Christ and you are to live in and for Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit, where you don’t want worldly things. Therefore, sell everything you have and follow Jesus; empty yourself and follow him.
Prayer:            Lord Jesus, we thank you and praise you for your daily eternal bread. Even after long years of catechism and sacramental life, Lord, we do not have the real courage to be your witnesses to our brethren. We are always searching after the new things or what are lacking. We are not really aware of what we have been given already. Often we either withdraw from or avoid those occasions of witnessing. Give your Holy Spirit in abundance so that we may be able to give witness to you before our brethren. Amen! 

Greetings:       Take courage God is with you! Have a nice and blissful day…                      

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