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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Feats of SS.Peter & Paul Mt 16:13-19

Feast of SS.Peter & Paul  Mt:16:13-19

Who do you say that I am?
Amidst the hosanna/halleluiah cries of thousands, Jesus wants to single out what his disciples think of him. The question sometimes we ourselves want to raise in our daily life. It seems to me at times it is an age of friendship. When I go sometimes through the facebook/google+ accounts of some of my friends I am amazed to see the friends accounts/circles, not in hundreds or in thousands,but in lakhs, naturally from all walks of life. One day it happened to one of my youth parishioners. His marriage celebration was the occasion. Since he had many friends, as it was told, I thought the celebration would have gone well with their generous cooperation and help. But it turned to be  the worst day, as I was told, this young chap never wants to remember, alone and alone, everything on one shoulder. As the saying goes, water,water everywhere not a single drop.... Do you too want to ask the same question - who do you say that I am? -  amidst the heaps of likes that receive everyday? Really I hope so. Therefore, instead of judging others, let us ask the special grace we need today to be a real friend to my brother/sister. Nice day to you...                  

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