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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Holy Rosary Month - Day 25: Glorious Mysteries 1

Holy Rosary Month - Day 25: Glorious Mysteries 1

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead: In the first glorious mystery we meditate on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Our journey is now reaching its final destination after going through mixed experiences of joy, light, and sorrow. Did you notice that it was actually a replica of our own daily life? Let us go ahead with increased joy and hope. We know that disciples were afraid of the Jews who searched for them to threaten as well as to persecute. Therefore, “the disciples were gathered together behind locked doors.” (Jn 20:19) However, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were rushed to the tomb after Sabbath, as Sunday morning was dawning, (Mt 28:1) since they couldn’t pay the last homage to Jesus on the burial day since it was approaching Sabbath. Both utter fear and pure love beautifully prepare the background for the resurrection of Jesus. If we call to our minds the annunciation of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds by the angels, (Lk 2:8-15) it will be more interesting; everything has been turned upside down today. Gospel of Mathew says, “Suddenly there was a violent earthquake; an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled the stone away, and sat on it. His appearance was like lightening, and clothes were white as snow. The guards were so afraid that they trembled and became like dead men.” (Mt 28:2-4) But the angels on both occasions gave both the shepherds and the women the message, “Don’t be afraid!” (Lk 2:10; Mt 28:5) and the good news: “This very day in David’s town your Savior was born; Christ the Lord!” and “He is not here; he has been raised, just as he said.” (Lk 2:11; Mt 28:6) The resurrection proves that the Savior born in the manger is the Lord of all; even of death. Let us together with St. Paul proclaim, “Death is destroyed; victory is complete! O Death, where is your victory? O Death Where is your power to hurt?” (1Cor 15:55) Let us be anchored on this foundation of our faith; “If Christ has not been raised from the death, then we have nothing to preach and you have nothing to believe.” (1Cor 15:14) “But the truth is that Christ has been raised from death, as the guarantee that those who sleep in death will also be raised.” (1Cor 15:20) Therefore, let us not be desperate and lead a life of courage and hope, “what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.” (Rom 8:18) 
Prayer: Oh Mary, queen of heavens! We come to you today for your special maternal help and protection. Mary, our mother and guide; help us to believe in the resurrection of Jesus and understand the meaning of keeping our body pure in view of our own resurrection. In this holy mystery we specially pray for all those who have lost the fact of the sanctity of life and lead immoral life. Let them be given the gift of eternal light and discernment. May Mother Mary, who was kept immaculate, intercede for them, and be with us always! Amen! 

Greetings:  Wish you all a nice and blissful Marian Saturday!  

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